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    5. Chinese herbal medicine processing technology system solution providers
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      KangHuaCustomer Case-Big brand choice trusted!
      National Service Hotline:+86-571-63460811

      Let You Choose KangHua

      Six Reasons

      Allows you to select six major reasons East cooler

      Scientific Management

      Management functions, a clear division of responsibilities, the right to match each other, have the best combination of business and collaboration model.

      Strong R & D Team

      A senior engineer led the design team, a college education of the technical staff is accounted for 22% of the number of employees, and dozens of years of practical experience.

      Excellent Technical Team

      The company set up domestic and export, a Yichengxiangdai, a high level of business, exceed customer needs, dedicated service, and strive to customer satisfaction with the professional sales force.

      Dedicated Sales Force

      Dedicated after-sales service of the company, has a complete customer files, and implementing the "customer first, service sincerity," the purpose of a skilled, fast response, timely treatment of various problems after-sales team dedicated.

      Improve After-Sales Service

      Enterprise has always attached importance to scientific and technological progress, have a strong R & D team, focus on new product development, so that every year 4-5 new products to market.

      Throughout 32 Provinces

      Companies to organize a certain degree of technical strength, advanced research and development, automation, energy saving, emission reduction, low-carbon, practical equipment into the market.

      Company Profile


      企業理念 | Enterprise

      To develop modern, innovative equipment for the task, to ensure that products legislation.

      Fuyang Kanghua Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.


      Fuyang Kanghua Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. (formerly: Hangzhou Fuyang Kanghua Machinery Factory) was established in 2001, is set production research and the integration of Chinese herbal medicines and Pieces pre-treatment processing equipment manufacturing enterprises. Companies adhering to the basis of product quality, customer service-oriented, research...



      Common Problem



      Enterprises already have 23 patents

      Company Culture

      Users Supreme reputation-based

      Development concept

      People - oriented and pragmatic

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